A living memorial for our truest heroes and their legacy

"Freedom isn't free. All gave some, yet some gave all."

Kentuckyana, "Tuck" is known as a world premier extreme treasure hunter. Tuck has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles across all 50 states trading and bartering extreme treasures for a cause, our truest heroes, honored veterans. Along the way he captures stories of our veteran heroes, as he accomplishes his eight phased mission to honor, and stand for, major veterans causes, symbolized through the Veterans Soil Project.

         The Veterans Soil Project honors our truest deceased heroes by gathering sacred soil through a ceremony with their loved ones, honoring their service and legacy by joining their soil with other veteran heroes soil from all 50 states, culminating through Tucks museum utilized as a center point with a specified and dignified gathering place, which will ultimately be brought together as veterans heroes sacred soil with living memorial trees on the White House lawn, and at governors lawns across America and as well as on the Kentucky museum grounds. Tucks museum is currently being remodeled, for this cause and will reopen upon completion in 2015, it is located in Cave City, Kentucky beside of Mammoth Cave National Park, one of the 8 wonders of the world. Kentuckyana Jones International Museum, Honors Veterans.


Tuck can be seen on various network shows focusing on veteran & historical, & treasure related themes, including most recent appearances on Barry'd Treasure, on A&E, with Barry Weiss, from storage wars. Tuck is also currently filming on his own show with great pride and passion which honors veterans through Kentuckyana Jones, Extreme Treasure Hunter, Honors Veterans via the Veterans Soil Project.

Join Tuck as he journeys across all of America collecting rare exhibit pieces for his museum in honor and on behalf of veterans with each show culminating with passionate and historical conversations and ceremonies with our truest veteran heroes and their families on behalf of deceased veterans legacies, via the Veterans Soil Project. If you desire to gather and join sacred soil from your deceased veterans gravesite or if you desire to request an appearance or make a donation then please contact us.

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1. Complete the 50 state Veterans Soil Project initiative, and thereafter maintain it as an ongoing, Continual, Living Memorial, that represents, our Truest Heroes, from the grounds in Kentucky at the museum, & throughout Americas, governor lawns, to the White House lawn!

2. Campaign across America to obtain the necessary support, and sponsors, to accomplish the first ever Vietnam Veterans Heroes of America National Parade, Honoring our living, deceased, Veterans Heroes, as well as their families.

3. Completely finish the conversion, and remodel of the Kentuckyana Jones International Museum, HONORS VETERANS, and reopen in early spring to late spring 2015. Thereafter, to utilize the museum as the Veterans Sacred soil gathering center place, at a designated, constructed, dignified location, on the 6 acres grounds. Thereafter, to utilize 100 percent of any and all donations, as well as contributing a significant portion of any and all profits from the museum, to help accomplish the Vietnam Veterans Heroes of America Parade!

4. Campaign & make initiative to place all of our homeless Veterans into a permanent stable home, off of the street. and forever removed from below bridges across America.

5. Serve in all 50 states as spokesperson, negotiator, supporter, and speaker for veterans causes.

6. Cleanse, and overcome and eliminate the ongoing false history placed on our Vietnam War Veterans, and establish forever their True Legacy, as the dedicated, sacrificing American heroes that fought for our freedoms!

7. Campaign for continually, and never allow any individual or entity, to dishonor, or disgrace our veterans, ever again. Salute our truest Heroes!

8. Campaign for and bring back "American Pride", "Back where it belongs", all while respecting all countries, and their cultures across the World. While, at the same time, standing Proud for our country which was built on a foundation of "In God We Trust".

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Help The Veterans Soil Project, give back to the very ones that have given the ultimate of sacrifices to each of us.

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"We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give" Sir Winston Churchill.

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